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The Million Money Ethereum Smart Contract Project

Crowd funding has been in existence since the birth of intelligence in mankind. It disguised in older cultures as members of communities coming together to support burials, wedding ceremonies and in more primitive societies, coming together to build living quarters for newlywed couples, contributing building materials and so forth. 

This still goes on today as far as we know especially in Africa where community funding is still a widely practiced art. But a more concise definition of crowd funding sates that it is a method of funding a project by taking contributions from a group of people.

Crowdfunding was signed into law in 2012 by President Barack Obama. It is estimated by 2030, that $300bn will have been given to projects through crowdfunding programs. But the question here is, while you’re the giver, who is giving you?

Here comes the million.money ethereum smart contract crowdfunding program. Where givers, are receivers. Here, dreams that have seemed out of reach are now made truly achievable. This is the best mankind has been able to come up with in the space of internet crowd funding programs. It is the best for these reasons

  1. It is built on blockchain technology. What this means is that it is riskless, it cannot be shut down, it cannot be hacked and there is no middleman as transactions are done wallet to wallet, peer to peer in a purely decentralized manner.
  2. This program gives you an opportunity to raise a massive 1665ethers in just 100 days.
  3. There is a hundred days renewable cycle and this means that every 100days, you can cash out 1665ethers which by current market prices is an equivalent of $250,000 or more depending on market conditions.
  4. All the money you need to join in this program is just $10. This is a onetime payment which will never be repeated again.
  5. This program lasts till infinity. As anything put on the block chain can never be deleted. So you can keep cashing out every 100days till infinity. And your account is also transferable from generation to generation.
  6. All the money that goes into the community remains in the community. This is how wealth is created.
  7. It also gives an opportunity to join the crypto world very easily and cheaply, with just $10 even as crypto currency values keep skyrocketing.
  8. This is the first ever 2×2 crowd funding matrix built on block chain. To raise 1665ethers in 100days

          The business of crypto currencies has been called the best investment running for over 10yrs now. As of this moment, ether, which is the fuel for running the ethereum blockchain, goes for between $120 and $180. But because of the numerous possible use cases of the ethereum blockchain, and the halving of bitcoin this year 2020, it is estimated that by this year’s end, ethereum would be hitting a whopping $3000. Multiply 1665ethers by that figure and you get $4,995,000. This is 100days earnings. Imagine the combined total earnings in one full year.

          Here is how the matrix works. As you activate your first level with 0.03eth, you donate to your uplink 0.03eth. As soon as you get your next two affiliates, they in turn donate 0.03ethers each to your account profiting you a total of 0.06ethers. From 0.06ethers gained, you upgrade your account to level2 with 0.05ethers. This makes you eligible to earn on level2. Please take note that if you do not upgrade your account, your earnings on that level will be transferred to your uplink. For a more pictorial representation of this matrix,

From level 6 you begin the cycle afresh with first two downlines paying a total of 2,5ethers to earn you 5ethers. From the 5ethers earned, you can purchase level7 for 5ethers.

Your partners on the 2nd level then level up to 7 paying you a total of 20ethers.

From 20ethers earned, you buy up level 8 for 10ethers. Your partners on the 3rd level buy level8 for 10ethers each and this earns you 80ethers from which you buy level9 for 20ether.

Your partners on the 4th level buy level 9 for 20ethers each earning you a total of 320ethers out of which you buy level10 for 40ethers. Your partners on the 5th line of tree donate 40ethers each to earn you 1280ethers totaling 1665ethers from the first earning of 0.06ethers to the last earning of 1280ethers. On conversion to fiat currency, dollars, at $200 per ether, a total $333,000 is your full 100days earning from this program.


  1. Download the trust wallet app, or the multy wallet app or token pocket. Depending on what works on your mobile phone. You can also use the metamask add-on on your Google chrome app on your pc.
  2. Click on create wallet
  3. Get your wallet setup and write down your 12 recovery words safely where no one can get access to it and you can always retrieve them as this is the only back door into your wallet in the event of losing your phone  or whenever youre locked out of your wallet.
  4. Verify your phrase sequence
  5. Click on ethereum
  6. Click on receive, copy your wallet address and send it to your sponsor or whoever you can deal with for funding your wallet with 0.035ethers worth $8 to $10
  7. After receiving 0.035ethers, open your wallet and click on DApps browser.
  8. Copy this link, https://Ik2.million.money/a/217898/ and paste it in the DApps URL bar click enter.
  9. Don’t bother about changing the language of the page, just click on the red button on the screen.
  10. Then click on “login automatically”
  11. Click on “to register” and you’re automatically entered into the program.
  12. On the top left hand corner of your back office, you’ll find your id no. copy this id no. replace the id no. on the link sent to you by your sponsor and begin sharing with your friends and business partners.

Get your 2 down lines, and guide them to get registered and get their own down lines too.

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