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How To Build A Career With Google Ads Certification

Google ads certification is a process by which Google recognizes marketers as experts in online advertising. According to Google, the certification is a professional accreditation that Google gives to individuals or companies that show proficiency in AdWords.

The Google ads certification is essentially a badge that you can show off on your resume, website and social media profiles to drive more sales for your business.

After passing Google ads certification exams, individuals get a personalized certificate and if affiliated with a company, can contribute to the company Google Partner credentials.

The certification program used to be a standalone program and had a cost attached to taking the exams but it changed with the introduction of the Google Partners Program and has further evolved with the migration to the Google Academy for ads in 2018 and more recently a rebrand to Skillshop.

Certification has become a minimum or expected requirement even for entry-level search marketing roles for agencies and corporations over the years. Having that base level of subject matter exposure from Google is much more specific than what a school textbook can provide on how Google Ads works.

The certification is meant to differentiate between businesses that have a dedicated and proven proficiency with the platform from those that don’t.

How to get Certified

Now that you have a good understanding of what Google ads certification entails, how do you start?

  1. Create your Google Account

This can be a Gmail account or a Google account that you create tied to any personal email account. If you work for an agency or a company, you are likely to be required to use your work email address. If you are an individual, you will want to pick a Google account that you want to have your certificate tied to you personally.

  • Get Started with Skillshop

When only logged into the account you want to use for certification, go to Here, you can find the specific certification you want to start with and click into it. Read the overview information. When you are ready to dive in, click on the “get started button”. You will be asked to authenticate one more time with the Google account you are using and then you will also be presented with terms of service to accept.

  • Prepare for the exams

Google provides both basic educational information and their more extensive training content. The specific Google Ads certifications include:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Measurement
  • Video
  • Shopping ads
  • Apps

If you are a first timer, I advise that you start with the Google ads search certification first. When you click into any of them, you will be presented with options to get started that includes a quick knowledge assessment, then other resources. The sample questions are quite helpful – they are written in the same format as they appear on the real exams.

  • Pass the Assessment

To become certified, you are required to pass the assessment in any of the respective certification specialties. You can stop with one specialization or continue by going through additional specialization until you have mastered and achieved all of those relevant for your desired credentials. If you fail the exam, there is a waiting period before you can retry.

Reasons why you should get certified

  1. It creates a stronger value proposition:

Communication value is the key to driving sales. If you can’t show someone that they need your product or service, then they won’t buy it. Value propositions are designed to explain to the user what value they will derive from your product or service. Now, just imagine the value proposition you could make with a certification from Google AdWords.

  • A form of social proof and credibility:

The Google Ads certification helps demonstrate credibility, knowledge and skill in a specialized niche. Social proof involves displaying good reviews from and the testimonies of reputable clients that have used and love your product and/or service. Social proof drives conversions because people trust reviews.

  • It helps build your presence:

Building your resume should be a constant effort. People use resumes for a lot more than just job applications. Resumes are another way you can communicate the value of your personal brand.

  • It gives you free promotion:

When you get certified on AdWords and become a Google Partner, they will list you on their verified website of partners. That is free advertising for your business if you are one of those certified partners.

There is something more you need to know about Google Ads certification exam;

  • You have 75 minutes to complete each exam. The exam ranges from 46-50 questions each.
  • You have to score 80% or higher to pass most of the exams.
  • You have to wait a full day before you can take the test again if you fail the test.
  • The assessments are all completely free.

Once you pass your exam, your Google Ads certification is valid for a year. At that point, you will need to take the test again to keep your hard-earned certified badge.


Average salaries for Google AdWords associate is $56,559. This is based on Google salary trends based on salaries posted anonymously by Google.

Where You Should Focus For The Best Result And Earnings

From my experience, it is best to start small, and then grow from there. Google certification as a skill, is a very lucrative one, as companies are in constant need of certified Google Ads managers to help them drive sales and exposure.

But the most important of them for any beginner is the Google Display Ads. This skill will guarantee you plenty money in your bank account, while you focus on the goal of getting certified by Google.

So, I advise you go straight to the point, and get started. And to do that, I have identified a guru in Nigeria, who can coach you and guide you to your millions as a Google Display Ads expert.

In Conclusion;

Anyone, with a strong drive to succeed through an online skill & business can do Google Display Ads. All you need is to be guided by the right coaches. And I have been able to identify the perfect program where anyone can learn the basics and advanced components of Google Display Ads, and how to grow the skill and business till you are seeing profits in millions monthly.

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